Private Piano Lesson

We are now accepting new student of all ages!

Piano Lessons benefit children

Piano Lessons offer many advantages:
  • 1. Piano Lessons Help Children in School
  • 2. Piano Lessons Increase Coordination
  • 3. Piano Lessons Raise Self Esteem
  • 4. Piano Lessons Help Children to Concentrate
  • 5. Piano Lessons Inspires creative thinking and encourages children to explore their imagination.
Teaching Approach 

There are many methods to teach piano.  I use traditional piano methods that teach piano playing and music reading at the same time.   But, I would also add modern elements that inspire students to establish their interest in both classical and modern music.


Well, the reality is, every student is different, and no one method will work for everyone. I will tailor my own method and explore interactive teaching techniques to communicate well with my students and help them enjoy the technique they are comfortable with.