Rate is based on the level of students , ranged from $30 -$40 for a private weekly half-hour lesson. Lesson length/times will be negotiated to fit the student's need and schedule. The initial student evaluation is free of charge.
Please contact me for rates or details.
Rates for lesson at studio: 
$100 for FOUR  30-mins session
$120 for FOUR  45 mins session

Music Lesson Cancellations:

Please call within 24 hours and let me know if you must cancel a lesson for ANY reason, we will find a time to do a make-up lesson.  If I have to cancel a lesson for sickness or emergency, we will try to do a make-up lesson. If that is not possible, I will refund you for that lesson.
Payment schedule:
Lessons are charged by four weeks of lessons. Payments should be made the first week of each four lessons.

Payment Methods:
Cash, Check, credit/Debit card thru Paypal